O Cirque Du Soleil Show Las Vegas

Inspired by the idea of infinity and the pure shape of the letter “O,” the name of this production sounds like the French word “eau, meaning water, the show’s theme. It plays at the Bellagio, in a spacious theater decked out with red seats and a dramatic red curtain, beneath a watery-blue ceiling.

Good Side of Cirque du Soleil O Las Vegas

Like other Cirque du Soleil productions, O presents a melange of performers and skills. Here the mix includes aerial acts, clowns, fire-jugglers and a host of swimmers and divers. At times during this production, the performers resemble brightly-colored dolphins, a Magritte painting, fanciful visions of Renaissance Venice or an old Esther Williams musical.

The stage Cirque du Soleil created for O could almost be numbered among the show’s stars. On minute it’s dry land and the next it’s all water, deep enough to catch the divers who launch themselves from high up in the stage rigging.

Bad Side of Cirque du Soleil O Las Vegas

If you’ve seen the Cirque du Soleily show KA, O may seem a little old-fashioned by comparison.

While I enjoyed O very much, my companion found the O acts boring compared to other Cirque du Soleil shows we’ve seen, both in Las Vegas and on tour.

The Bottom Line

Cirque du Soleil O is a beautifully-staged show, combining their traditional acts with water ballet and divers. If you’ve seen and enjoyed their other shows, you’ll probably like this one, too.

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