Blue Man Group Las Vegas Show

Are they blue? Indeed they are — three hairless, nonspeaking men dipped in azure paint (you may have seen them in a commercial or two and wondered what in the heck they were all about), doing decidedly odd stunts with marshmallows, art supplies, audience members, tons of paper, and an amazing array of percussion instruments fashioned fancifully from PVC piping. If that doesn’t sound very Vegas, well, it’s not, at least not originally. Although they have become as synonymous with Vegas entertainment as Cirque du Soleil, they are actually a franchise of a New York-born performance-art troupe that seems to have slipped into town through a side door opened by Cirque’s groundbreaking successes. Don’t get the wrong idea: This is no Cirque clone. There are no acrobatics or flowing choreography, no attempt to create an alternate universe — just a series of surreal, unconnected bits. It’s funny in the weirdest and most unexpected ways, and the crowd is usually roaring by the end. Fans of typical Vegas shows may leave scratching their heads, but we are glad there is another color in the Vegas entertainment spectrum.


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